NOBILE 1942 RUDIS 75 ml

222,00 $

Rudis is dedicated to a great virtue: Power.
Rudis is the name given as a trophy to victorious gladiators, a wooden sword, that was a tool but also a symbol of freedom: the gladiator is not a slave anymore!
To overcome his fear before entering the arena, gladiator drunk a cider made of dried fruit and grape.
But why are we talking about gladiators in 21 century? Massimo Nobile thinks that today, all professionist and business people have their own battle to win. That’s why we created a fragrance that give energy for the fight, in a mental and in a physical way. The scent inspired by this object, therefore, had to simultaneously consider strength and gentleness, battle and freedom, life and death, virility and weakness.

Size: 75 ml


The box is precious: only five artisans in the world can work leather in this way. The process of realization takes long time and it starts with taking leather and soaking it. Then, with a piece of wood with the same shape of the bottle used ad a guide, they take the still wet leather and wrap the first side around wood and bake it in a kiln. The next step is to soak leather again, following the same process for each side and curves that form the box. After this intricate process, you cannot see the joints ot stitches, and leather is hard like a piece of wood. In the last step, it is lacquered and cut into salami- like slices before being worked internally.
The box can only be closed in one way, depending on how it was cut. There are two points wich form a guide to close the lid correctly.

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