Our Services

Our Services

Our company service is incredibly important to us, and we will always try to respond as quickly and on time as we can. We are keen on establishing long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships from the outset with our respected professional network.

We are one of the leading distribution companies in Central Asia.

We distribute an extensive range of designer brands, all available for immediate dispatch and delivery. Our knowledge of the manufacturers, products, retailers and consumers is unrivaled in the industry. We have a constantly increasing new range of prestige perfumes and cosmetics.

Our Logistics and Delivery

Distribution is very crucial in our professional world.

We understand the importance of efficient distribution; therefore, we have developed a fast and dependable distribution system. We recognize that distribution is very crucial in our professional relationships with our customers, so our focus is to have and build never-ending trust.


Reliability and consistency of stock and distribution.

We understand that in today’s retail climate, persistent orders from your customers are the key to success. Therefore, we can guarantee reliability and consistency of our distribution and stock.

Our Warehouse

High level safety.

We developed and planned spaces and a team of experts for all the processes involved in the storage and handling of your products from A to Z with consideration of high-level of safety procedures.